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About Us

We are having more than 20 years of experience in FMCG Sales and Printing. Excellent customer service have endured our clients for many years.

Flourish is more than just Products, Companies and Machinery; it is a team of devoted talented employees that epitomize the Flourish name. This team begins with some of the finest Product Development people in the field, continues with the Engineers that keep our state of the art equipment running, and especially includes the individuals responsible for the day to day activities that make a vital growing company run. Our Sales Teams are focused, knowledgeable and supportive, and our Customer Service Departments are staffed with individuals whose goal is to provide superior service to all of our customers.

The Flourish family employees stands firmly behind our commitment of Quality, Service and Integrity and it is because of each of them that we are able to fulfill that commitment everyday.
Our business is a part of your everyday life. Whether you are a consumer or professional buyer, we are there for you, at home, work or leisure. Our paper products and related solutions are designed to improve your health, hygiene and wellbeing.
We make people’s lives easier with functional, high-quality products. We respect life in all its forms by ensuring that our products and operations are safe and sustainable. Our ambition is for consumers of all ages – as well as our end users and customers – to enjoy their lives to the fullest by choosing products they can feel good about.

We promote a healthy, active lifestyle – we want you to care for yourself and your loved ones. Our beloved brands emphasise the importance of home and family as the focal point in our busy, active lives. They encourage us to enjoy the little things in life.
Our vision is to handle client needs expertly and meet targets within the stipulated time schedules. We seek to be renowned and acclaimed for our goodwill and timely delivery and provision of premium quality products at economical rates. We aspire to be well ahead of our competitors and be appreciated at the national and global arenas as well.
We at Flourish believe that, when we give good quality products, we get good business. We let our products speak for themselves.